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Orthopaedic Extremities and Orthopaedic Reconstruction & Trauma Program

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Why choose to become a medical sales rep? It’s a career that places you in a rewarding, lucrative industry with high earning potential, flexible work, and the opportunity to impact patients’ lives through the medical device products you sell. Medical sales reps also have control over their career success – it’s a field where effort equals earnings.

Butler University has partnered with Medical Sales College to offer students a hands-on and affordable educational opportunity that prepares students to excel in a competitive, rewarding field of medical device sales.

At Butler University and Medical Sales College, we believe experiencing is foundational to learning. So you’ll be applying what you learn right away—in class and out. You’ll be a more adaptive thinker. An expert problem solver. And, when you graduate, a candidate with more marketable skills than the competition.

The relationships you will build with fellow students, the learning experiences you will seek out, and the powerful network of Butler University partners and alumni that will always be by your side—all of it prepares you to make a mark on the professional world.


What Will You Learn in the Orthopaedic Extremities and Orthopaedic Reconstruction & Trauma Medical Sales Program?

The orthopaedic extremities market is one of the fastest growing in orthopaedics as procedures and implants gain more acceptance. Program course material on orthopaedic reconstruction and trauma breaks out into knee week, hip week, and trauma week. Students learn from an industry-first curriculum built specifically for the orthopaedic device community.

Experience hands-on training with medical devices in the areas of spine, extremities, trauma and sports medicine while learning how they will impact a patient’s anatomy, pathology, biomechanics, and function. Additional areas of focus include hospital protocol, etiquette, and more.

While students receive weekly sales training, week 11 is where students pull together all that they have learned, plus the key elements of their territory business plan, and leverage their sales training, to capstone their medical sales training experience. Students will utilize their arsenal of business planning profiles to perfect specific, next-level sales techniques and skillsets, in preparation for entering the industry.

Perfect your interviewing skills and learn how to market yourself for success. Then create a networking plan and connect with our employing partners.

Program at a Glance

Start 10/16/2023

Don't delay, begin your medical device sales journey


3-weeks of the course at home, 9-weeks on campus

Tuition $19,495*

Full time (36 hours per week) Monday – Friday

Professional Profile

With 1 year access to hiring managers and job opportunities

*Fees – Access to educational material (in lieu of textbooks) to be paid prior to the start of the program


A Typical Day

Ever wonder what a workday would be like as a Medical Sales Representative? We asked a former graduate to document their activities for a day and this was the result. 

Our Grads Launch Their Careers With a Serious Advantage


Average entry level compensation Source: 2021 Med Reps Salary Survey


Hiring Managers registered directly with the Medical Sales College


Overall Placement Rate


Graduates placed with jobs as of March 2023

I would recommend the Orthopaedic Extremities and Orthopaedic Reconstruction & Trauma Program​ to anyone who is looking to get into this industry. There's a certain level of finesse, there's a certain level of professional knowledge necessary. You have to look at an x-ray and help the doctor figure out treatment. You have to help a surgeon, as you're standing in the OR, figure out how to use your product while they're using it on a patient.


Upon  Graduation  We Connect You With the Top Employers

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