Medical Sales College (MSC) is committed to ensuring the privacy and accuracy of your confidential information and we value the trust our customers place in us when they give us access to their personal information. This Privacy Policy will be continually assessed against new technologies, business practices and our customers’ needs.

MSC does not actively share personal information gathered from its web servers. Some of your personally identifiable information will be used by us for the purpose of contacting you regarding the information that you have requested. By using this website, you expressly consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information in order for MSC to contact you and for continued marketing efforts. You acknowledge that communications to, from and through this website are not confidential.

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Throughout the Medical Sales College website, there are forms for visitors to request information and apply for student enrollment. These forms may ask for contact information (such as your phone number, street address, email address, demographic information or persona). Contact information from these forms is used to provide the information, products or services that you have requested. We do not share your personal information with anybody.

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We may share these cookies with third parties to serve you relevant content and ads in the future. As a result, you may see online ads from us after you visit our website. This is called remarketing. Also, third parties may use these cookies to serve you other relevant ads as you browse online.

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You may opt out of the use of cookies by adjusting your web browser and device settings.  Adjusting these settings will allow you to block all or certain identifiers from being tracked and shared with third parties.