Direct Hire Positions

Connecting with corporate hiring managers

Direct hire positions refer to those sales opportunities that are offered through corporate office (i.e. the company or manufacturer of the medical device product). Some companies use the distributor model exclusively, some use the direct hire model exclusively, and others use a hybrid. While many distributors (especially large ones that have exclusive lines with the biggest brands) do offer W2 positions and benefits, you are more likely to find these positions with direct hire opportunities. These positions are usually listed on the company’s website.

When networking on LinkedIn, hiring managers for direct hire positions will often have titles that include “Regional”, “Area”, or “District” in their title. Please note that this is a generalization and is not true for every company or for every territory.

However, let’s say for example that you identify a “Regional Sales Manager” for the company you are investigating in the Chicago area, but you are in California and have not been able to identify the Regional Sales Manager for that territory. Often, you will see colleagues in the “People Also Viewed” area for other Regional Sales Managers with that company (i.e. horizontal connections) or with competitive companies. Always take a look in that area.