Medical Apps

Great apps for your smart phone

Here’s a list of some great apps that you can download to your iPhone to learn more about medicine:

Medical Terminology and Abbreviations:

Free Apps:

Medical Terminology and Abbreviations by Air Capital Media LLC

Medly – Medical Abbreviation, Terminology, and Prescription Reference by AppBrew LLC

Med Term Mastery by Cengage Learning

Medical Glossaries by Willard Peart

PAID Apps:

Surgical terminology by Vishal Jani ($.99)

Orthopedics Terminology by Vishal Jani ($.99)

Medical Terminology Flashcards by Simple Tree LLC ($.99)

Medical Terms, Terminology, Prefix & Suffix by Aaru Labs ($.99)

Quick Medical Terminology and Abbreviation Reference by Simple Tree LLC ($.99)

Medical Prefixes & Suffixes by Pulse2 ($1.99)

Stedman’s Medical Terminology, 2nd Edition Q&A ($3.99)

Anatomy & Physiology:

Paid Apps:

RealWorld Orthopaedics by Hyperexis ($9.99)

Muscle Premium by Visible Body ($19.99)