Other Medical Sales Experience

What is other medical sales experience?

As an experienced medical sales representative, you have a strong track record selling in the healthcare industry and you are eager to enhance your career by selling a different product in a more complex, competitive and rewarding environment. For example, you might have experience selling pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment (DME) or instrumentation, but are interested in selling orthopedic implants, pacemaker products or robotic equipment.

You have likely developed a sales presentation where you are using medical vernacular and are comfortable selling to physicians, hospital administrators or other healthcare professionals. While your experience and prior sales successes are representative of your abilities, you do not have the relevant experience that most hiring managers are looking for (meaning that you have sold similar products to a similar target market in similar environments to those you are now applying for).

To be successful, you have the option of two different paths – the expedited path, which requires an elevated level of interest and commitment, or the traditional path, which provides options that can be productive over time.