The Resume Writing Challenge

An exercise to make you think about how your resume stands out

Resume Writing

Resume writing is an art and a science. Most job seekers hoping to break into medical sales want to know two things: (1) How do I write a good resume? (2) How should I prepare for an interview?

After working with hundreds of hiring managers and reviewing thousands of resumes, we know how hiring managers review resumes, what hiring managers are looking for on a resume, and the key information (and keywords) you must present to interest the hiring manager. Your resume must sell you on paper to get the interview, and you must sell yourself in the interview to get the job.

The Challenge

Most job seekers just don’t understand how HR departments, hiring managers, and recruiters review resumes. Here’s a challenge for you. Just Google some resumes. Pick an industry, any industry, and sit and just read 50 of them. Really. Just 50 resumes.

Then think about your resume. What does it have that 50, 100, or 300 other applicants don’t have? What makes you unique and more marketable to a hiring manager?

On your resume you have to have something that helps to distinguish you from other candidates. You have to think about how to take your experience and make it relevant to a hiring manager. We’ll help you do just that.