Action Verbs for Your Medical Sales Resume

Powerful words to demonstrate what you have accomplished

A = Absorbed, Accelerated, Accentuated, Accessed, Accommodated, Accompanied, Accomplished, Accounted for, Accrued, Acquired, Achieved, Acted, Activated, Adapted, Added, Addressed, Adjusted, Administered, Admitted, Adopted, Advanced, Advertised, Advised, Advocated, Affirmed, Aided, Alerted, Aligned, Alleviated, Allocated, Allotted, Allowed, Altered, Amended, Amplified, Analyzed, Announced, Answered, Anticipated, Applied, Appointed, Apportioned, Appraised, Approved, Approximated, Arbitrated, Argued, Arranged, Articulated, Ascertained, Assembled, Assessed, Assigned, Assisted, Assumed, Assured,  Attained, Attended, Attested, Attracted, Audited, Augmented, Authored, Authorized, Awarded

B = Balanced, Bargained, Began, Benefited, Blended, Blocked, Bolstered, Boosted, Brainstormed, Bridged, Briefed, Broadcasted, Broadened, Brought, Budgeted, Built

C = Calculated, Canvassed, Capitalized, Cared for, Carried out, Cataloged, Categorized, Caused, Cautioned, Centralized, Certified, Chaired, Challenged, Changed, Charted, Checked, Cited, Clarified, Classified, Cleared up, Closed, C0-authored, Coached, Coded, Collaborated, Collected, Combined, Commissioned, Committed, Communicated, Compared, Completed, Compiled, Complied, Composed, Compounded, Computed, Conceived, Conceptualized, Concluded, Condensed, Conducted, Conferred, Confirmed, Consented, Conserved, Considered, Consolidated, Constructed, Consulted, Contacted, Continued, Contracted, Contributed, Controlled, Converted, Conveyed, Convinced, Cooperated, Coordinated, Corrected, Correlated, Corresponded, Counseled, Counted, Crafted, Created, Critiqued, Cultivated, Customized

D = Debated, Decided, Declared, Declined, Decreased, Dedicated, Deducted, Defined, Delegated, Delivered, Demonstrated, Depreciated, Described, Designated, Designed, Detected, Determined, Developed, Devised, Devoted, Diagnosed, Diagrammed, Directed, Discovered, Discussed, Dispatched, Dispensed, Displayed, Dissected Distributed, Documented, Drafted, Drew

E = Earned, Edited, Educated, Elected, Emphasized, Enabled, Encouraged, Enforced, Engineered, Enhanced, Enriched, Ensured, Established, Estimated, Evaluated, Examined, Exceeded, Excelled, Executed, Exhibited, Expanded, Expedited, Experimented, Explained, Explored, Expressed

F = Fabricated, Facilitated, Fielded, Finalized, Financed, Finished, Focused, Forecasted, Forged, Formalized, Formed, Formulated, Fostered, Founded, Framed, Fulfilled, Funded, Furnished, Furthered

G = Gained, Gathered, Generated, Graded, Graduated, Granted, Greeted, Guided

H = Handled, Headed, Helped, Hired, Hosted

I = Identified, Illustrated, Implemented, Improved, Improvised, Incorporated, Increased, Indexed, Influenced, Informed, Initiated, Innovated, Inspected, Inspired, Installed, Instituted, Instructed, Integrated, Interacted, Interpreted, Interviewed, Introduced, Investigated, Issued, Itemized

J = Joined, Justified

K =

L = Launched, Learned, Lectured, Led, Lessened, Lifted, Linked, Listed, Listened, Lobbied, Logged

M = Maintained, Managed, Manipulated, Mapped, Marketed, Measured, Mediated, Mentored, Merged, Mobilized, Modeled, Modified, Monitored, Motivated, Multiplied

N = Navigated, Negotiated

O = Observed, Obtained, Opened, Operated, Orchestrated, Ordered, Organized, Originated, Outlined, Outpaced, Outperformed, Overhauled, Oversaw,

P = Participated, Partnered, Performed, Persuaded, Photographed, Pioneered, Planned, Played, Plotted, Predicted, Prepared, Presented, Prevented, Printed, Prioritized, Processed, Produced, Programmed, Projected, Promoted, Proposed, Prospected, Proved, Provided, Publicized, Purchased, Pursued

Q = Qualified, Quantified, Questioned, Quoted

R = Raised, Ranked, Recommended, Reacted, Recorded, Recovered, Redesigned, Refined, Rehabilitated, Reinstated, Rejected, Remodeled, Reorganized, Repaired, Represented, Researched, Resolved, Responded, Restored, Retained, Revamped, Reviewed, Revised, Revitalized, Revived

S = Saved, Scheduled, Screened, Scrutinized, Searched, Secured, Segmented, Seized, Selected, Sent, Served, Serviced, Settled, Shaped, Shared, Showcased, Simplified, Simulated, Sold, Solicited, Solved, Sorted, Sought, Specialized, Specified, Spoke, Sponsored, Staffed, Standardized, Started, Stimulated, Streamlined, Strengthened, Studied, Submitted, Succeeded, Suggested, Summarize, Supervised, Supplied, Supported, Surpassed, Surveyed, Sustained

T = Tailored, Taught, Targeted, Tested, Tracked, Traded, Trained, Transacted, Transcribed, Transformed, Translated, Transmitted, Transported,Triumphed, Troubleshot, Tutored

U = Uncovered, United, Unified, Updated, Upgraded, Used, Utilized

V = Validated, Valued, Verified, Viewed, Volunteered

W = Watched, Weighted, Witnessed, Wrote

X =

Y = Yielded

Z =