Free resources for learning about medical sales

Anatomy & Physiology

The best sites for learning about the musculoskeletal system

Roots, Prefixes & Suffixes

Learn the basics of medical terminology and how you can understand a word by breaking it down

Abbreviations & Symbols

Basic information and resources to help you understand and interpret medical “shorthand”

Positions, Planes & Axes

Learn about how medical practitioners reference anatomical locations

Surgical Instrumentation

Learn about instruments that are used in the O.R. for various surgical procedures

Surgical Videos

Watching video of surgical procedures is a great way to learn about the products you’ll be selling

Associations & Conferences

Learn about some of the biggest associations and conferences for medical professionals

General Resources

A list of several other sites that provide valuable information for educating yourself

Medical Apps

There’s an app for that… Here are some great resources that you can download to your iPhone