Traditional Path

How can Med Sales Career help you?

If you are dedicated to breaking into medical sales, there are a number of avenues and resources available to you. The traditional method of finding a medical sales career can certainly be successful and our website has been designed to provide as many resources as possible to help your dream come through to fruition. If you follow this path, it may take more time to make the transition, but it can be done.

If you’re going to spend valuable time preparing for a job in medical sales, we believe your time is best spent learning about the products you’ll be selling, the features and benefits of those products, how to communicate those benefits to your customer and how to develop a strong territory, there are some limitations with the “expedited” model.

There are only a few quality training programs available and those programs are in orthopedic device sales and in cardiovascular rhythm management / electrophysiology. If you do not have an interest in one of those medical specializations or would prefer a less competitive environment, then the traditional path may be more suitable. Also, the training programs available are at least six weeks long and some can take as long as eight months to complete. Being away from home for an extended period of time may not be an option so, here again, the traditional path may be better.

Your first step is to identify a medical sales job. Most job seekers will start with job boards.

You might also connect with medical sales recruiters who are motivated to fill a position.

Take some time through this process to educate yourself about other aspects of medical sales.

Another great resource to find a medical sales position is through company websites.

When you make contact it’s important to present your experience with a professional resume.

If you don’t have luck by sending out resumes, it’s time to connect with hiring managers.

When you get called in to interview, you’ll want to prepare for and practice potential questions.